Boy beginner plays Bach in 10 minutes

Karl is a beginner at the piano with less than a year of study. When we filmed this short video, we were planning on asking Karl to try to play some basic scales and exercises. He surprised us and himself when he was able to play Bach! Listen carefully — this video was shot in one take.

With the advantages of the PianoMaestro, piano prodigy Tommy has been able to grow his repertoire at a faster rate than ever before.

“When embarking on a difficult journey, it is always helpful to have a view of the end,” Tommy said.

Tommy uses the PianoMaestro to watch the whole performance right before his eyes. He identifies patterns and key changes. He replays particularly difficult passages. And when he slows the playback speed down, he gains inspiration and confidence. After all, even the most difficult pieces look easier when played at 1/5 the normal speed.

PianoMaestro’s Simple 6 Step Process for learning any piano piece

The key to learning any new piece is to break it down. Imagine you are at a piano lesson right now. Your teacher will likely instruct you to learn a new song in manageable chunks – perhaps one or two bars at a time. If you are having trouble with a passage, your teacher may play it for you so you can hear and see how it is supposed to be played.

PianoMaestro works along the same principles. You can practice a few notes at a time until you have mastered the bar. Then you move onto the next few notes. Having a PianoMaestro is like having a piano teacher at your home 24/7 – a teacher with infinite patience that does not charge by the hour.

PianoMaestro inventor introducing device on Australian Prime Time TV

PianoMaestro was featured on the New Inventors in April 2011 in front of over 1 million viewers in Australia.