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Are your students attending your lessons unprepared?  Are your students dropping out due to other interests and activities?

The inventor of the PianoMaestro was once your student.

Your student is stuck somewhere in Phase 2 – learning the notes of a new piece.   Your student is losing interest in the piano when he is at home trying to figure out what you just taught him.   This is problematic because you are not there to provide encouragement and guidance.    Before long, the TV or PlayStation will win.



PM-understandsWith the PianoMaestro, you can send home your student with some additional help.   Your students will progress through Phase 2 faster, which will motivate them to spend more time at the piano.  You can spend more lesson-time focused on the artistry and interpretation of a piece instead of starting where you left off the week before.   And because your students are more motivated and enthusiastic, you can keep them for longer.

Some traditional teachers are wary of electronic aids like the PianoMaestro.    We understand this view.  There is no question that the classical method has created world-class pianists.   We do not advocate reducing the rigor of training for the most dedicated students.   However, traditional lessons have discouraged millions.   The PianoMaestro makes the piano accessible to all.  We hope that the PianoMaestro, together with traditional lessons,  will motivate and encourage everyone else to keep playing the piano.


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