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70 International Piano January/February 2011


come fitted with a ‘guide lamp’ system that allows players to follow sheet music or on-screen notation as lights above each key light up indicating the correct notes. The new PianoMaestro ‘learning system’ from Australia combines the two elements in one package: a portable ‘guide lamp strip’ for people who already own an acoustic or digital piano without guide lamps built in, and a computer program which allows players to read music from their laptop computer screen. The user places the guide lamp strip just above the keyboard and as they follow the red highlighted notes on their computer screen, the corresponding lights on the strip are illuminated — rather like the bouncing ball on a karaoke screen. The point of the system, the makers say, is to reduce the amount of time spent
learning a new piece or song ‘so that the student can spend more valuable lesson time perfecting a piece.’ PianoMaestro, then, is not designed to replace a real piano teacher but rather to help speed up progress. The computer program connects to the computer via a USB port and reads standard MIDI fi les, and because it does not have its own proprietary data format it is possible to download thousands of pieces from the internet (PianoMaestro comes with over 250 pieces built-in)….

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Selecting a Good Piano Lesson for a Beginner

When selecting a good piano lesson for a beginner, looking for a personal piano teacher is vital. A professional piano teacher will cost heavily and your time may not match his schedule, but it is the best way to learn the piano quickly.

Another option you have is to take online lessons. Searching for a well-based online piano learning program gives a beginner the option to learn as per your convenience of time. It is also a cheaper way of learning the piano as compared to taking lessons from a professional piano teacher…..

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The History Of The Piano

The history of the piano originated in Padua, Italy, 300 years ago. The piano was invented by BartolomeoCristoforiduring the 1700s, who had been employed as the Keeper of Instruments by Ferdinando de’ Medici, the Grand Prince of Tuscany. His expertise in harpsichord and his knowledge of stringed keyboard instruments led to the invention of this remarkable instrument.

Mankind’s knowledge that a taut string can produce sounds goes back to prehistoric times. In the ancient world, strings were attached and stretched over bows, gourds, and boxes to amplify the sound.They were fastened by ties, pegs and pins; and they were plucked, bowed or struck to produce sounds. But it was Cristofori’s success in solving the fundamental mechanical problem of piano design……

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Teaching The Piano To Children In Groups

Playing the piano is nothing complicated. With a serious devotion, learning the piano is actually fun. While learning to play the piano, you will discover that it is easy and the best hobbies one could have in their life time. While learning the piano may be simple, learning from a pro is vital as teaching the piano is not simple.

Teaching the piano is one of the hardest tasks when it comes to kids. Making a child gain interest and then them holding on to that interest for long enough is actually no walk in the park. Children enjoy learning new things in groups, and since the piano is a rather lonely musical instrument, a child tends to get bored with it within a few months of the lessons. For this reason, teaching the piano is….

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Retirement hobby – Learn the piano

After retirement, people have a lot of free time on their hands and they can utilize this free time by getting involved in new hobbies. There is a large array of hobbies and talents out there if you are a retiree, and you can easily find one which best suits your interests. Discovering a long-lost passion or pleasure during this time can spark up one of your talents and keep your mind working in the ample of time you have! One particular hobby to consider is learning to play the piano….

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Benefits of playing the piano

Playing the piano is not only a past-time hobby, but it is actually a way of earning many other benefits as well. Piano lessons are very popular as pianos are the most used instruments in the world. Their ease of use and the appealing tunes it creates makes the heart sing and uplifts everyone listener and players™ mood.
The main benefits of the piano are….

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