Our Story

The PianoMaestro Story

In 2009, Ken bought a piano and starting taking piano lessons with the romantic idea that he would fill his Australian home with the sounds of Beethoven and Bach. Ken had not touched a piano for 15 years and st ruggled to read and play the right notes.

While searching for a way to improve his piano skills, Ken noticed an abundance of old pianos (pianos have an average life in excess of 50 years) and inexpensive laptop computers. This inspired Ken to try to connect the two, resulting in the PIanoMaestro.

Ken hopes that the PianoMaestro will inspire more children and adults to take up the piano, and that the millions of old pianos collecting dust in living rooms around the world will have a chance to make music again.


Our Team


Ken Ihara. Inventor, Product Design

Ken oversees all aspects of PianoMaestro, with a focus on product development and operations. Prior to founding PianoMaestro, Ken spent 9 years in corporate finance in New York and London at Citigroup. Ken was a Vice President in Investment Banking, where he worked on numerous M&A and financing transactions in the automotive and industrials sector.

Ken studied electrical engineering at Harvard University, where he developed his electronics and computer programming skills building electronic devices at the Harvard Robotics Laboratory.



Amr Salah El-din Hassan. Technology

Amr is responsible for software development of the PianoMaestro. Prior to joining PianoMaestro, Amr has worked on software projects in the banking and microchip fabrication industries. Amr has a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Cairo University’s Faculty of Engineering.


avril1Avril Redmond. Business Development

Avril is responsible for PianoMaestro’s sales and business development. Prior to joining PianoMaestro Avril spent 8 years working with business start ups, family run businesses and global companies in marketing and sales capacities.

Avril has a bachelors degree in Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and a Diploma in e-commerce. Avril is also developing a business importing products from Europe which she is launching later this year.


linhLinh Hoang. Marketing

Linh oversees PianoMaestro’s online marketing strategy, business operations, and procurement activities. Linh has developed several online businesses since 2008, including www.chimeracc.com (Australian nail polish brand) and www.world-famous-quotes.com. Prior to starting her own businesses, Linh spent 3 years in supply chain management at BAE Systems. Linh has a Bachelors Degree in International Business.