PianoMaestro Learning System

Master the piano pieces you have always dreamed of playing with the PianoMaestro. Works with Synthesia and other third-party software.

Package includes: PianoMaestro device, software via website download, selected songs from Simply Piano, over 250+ classical piano pieces

30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee

Requirements: Mac with OSX or PC with Windows XP or higher. Internet connection and soundcard. Standard size piano with octave span of 164mm (if you do not have an 88 key-keyboard, see here)


$139 USD – USA only

US orders delivered within 3 to 10 days. Orders sent via UPS Ground or USPS Priority.

$139 USD – Australia only

Includes shipping via Australia Registered Post with tracking. Sent from Australia.

$169 USD – International

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Orders sent via USPS International Priority with tracking. Additional customs duties may apply.


We recommend these additional products from Amazon to enhance your PianoMaestro experience

MIDI to USB Adapters – for use with Synthesia

If you want to use PianoMaestro with Synthesia (and have the lights pause until you play the correct notes), then you will need to connect your digital piano to your computer. If your digital piano has a MIDI output (but no USB output), then you will need a MIDI to USB adapter.


Generic MIDI to USB converter
$0.99 USD

For PC users, we recommend this very reasonably priced adapter. Do let us know if you have difficulties getting this to work with your PC. In our testing, we found it to work reliably.

E-Mu Xmidi 1X1 V3 USB MIDI Interface
$29 USD

For Mac users, we recommend the E-Mu Xmidi 1X1 V3 USB MIDI Interface. Please note that we have not been able to get the --- or other similarly-priced adapters to work reliably with the Mac.


Resource for beginners


Simply Piano Book and DVD by Robyn Payne
$14.95 USD

The perfect resource for beginners to use with the PianoMaestro 80+ page full color book DVD with over 1 hour of structured lessons 20+ exercises Send Amazon proof of purchase to [email protected] and we will send you a complete set of MIDI files to accompany Simply Piano


Budget-priced full-sized piano


Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano
$249 USD

A fantastic entry-level full-sized piano for the beginner or intermediate player. It has 88 standard-sized weighted keys. We honestly have no idea how they manufacture and sell this for $249. Please note that this keyboard has MIDI outputs, and will need a MIDI to USB adapter if you want to use the PianoMaestro with Synthesia.